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Things I ♥ Thursday 6-10-10

“The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.” – Henry Miler

Perhaps one of the best Thursdays I’ve had in awhile!
A little background on the above picture I took before the list.. (or you can skip down!)
I grew up with two very different sides of the family – the reserved, germ and outdoors hating Korean side, and the hiking, fishing, roll in the dirt American side. Well, I was a reserved, quiet roll around in the dirt nerd. I’d spend hours hunched over dandelions, clovers, and grass whispering to them, noticing every little detail of the ground around me. I was embarrassingly dubbed “the crazy nature nut” by my sisters friends.

I went outside to photograph flowers today, (because I don’t like it and decided to go outside of my normal subjects) and found myself in awe at the details I’ve missed, so I spent today peering at curiosities on flower petals, varieties of spiders and so much more. I also caught that lucky shot of the seed flying off the dandelion.

The list

Strawberry picking – in which I also spent a long time squinting at the plants and berries as families passed me by quickly down the other aisles. Expect strawberry pictures and a review on the farm soon!

♥ Dreams about naming my daughter in my dreams Jack, after the Jack in Mass Effect 2, which I would never do haha.

♥ Realizing that my new kitten not only has thumbs, but also has a protruding RAPTOR CLAW between his regular toes and his “thumb”. He still needs a name, and hopefully one more creative than his big brother..who is dubbed Thumbz.

Anything tropical! I recently bought an Island Guava candle from Yankee Candle, and Sex on the Beach perfume from Demeter

Exploring Buhl Mansion Guesthouse and Spa – Some of the beds were so big they had a stepping stool with a few steps to climb on the bed!

Eat, Pray, Love – I’m 1/3 of the way through, and it was more than I imagined. I normally reach for sci fi, or art books but a friend recommended it and I’m enamored with every single word.


Don’t fear the free weights! by my favorite, Stumptuous. Old article, old favorite of mine, and even though I’ve now long agreed with the reasons, I still love it, it’s a good read.

and a small side note – I know this is my Things I Love Thursday list, but I noticed I write a lot cheerier, girly, and more upbeat than I really am, and now that I’m blogging more than I did before, I feel like somewhat of a stranger reading some of my posts. I can’t decide if it’s good or bad.

Has anyone felt “fake” or struggled finding their online voice when you first started up your blog?



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Things I ♥ Thursday – 5-6-10

Weekly list! That, typical of me gets put off until the last possible minute.

-Sasha Tseng’s Toast Messenger – a design for a toaster that toasts the messages you write on your toast! It’s too bad it isn’t available to buy.

Hats of Meat!
“The World’s Number One Resource for Meat Hats and Meat Hat Culture” need I say more?

-This Big Daddy working costume this guy made, it’s unimaginably brilliant!

-Sleeping with the windows open during a thunderstorm, and if you know me, I’m always cold so that means it was warm enough to get the Chelsea stamp of approval.

-My new Ovation UAE20 Ukulele I got for a great deal and it came with it’s own tiny gig bag and it has really quirky tuning (standard ukulele tuning, but I think it’s bizarre). It’s perfect.

Low Rise by Peter Root – a precariously done, astounding mass of staples made into a city.

Jon Henrie and every minute I spend with him. I think we were made for each other (almost, I think someone forgot to leave half a dog-shaped space in him, but I can just give Bullet some extra love). Also love my new phone that he bought for me. I’d been stubbornly struggling with my old phone for two years – only holding a charge for 30 minutes, never working text and call only phone. But now I have the Verizon Droid and I can’t thank him enough for it. It’s the radio that I don’t have in my crap car, its a huge upgrade from my old phone, and I’m blown away by how much it can do.

-Old general store that sells penny candy, handmade Amish goods (everything from spices to jams, flour to cheese and so much more!) and probably 30+ varieties of novelty and vintage soda bottles. I think I spent well over $20 on sodas, and $2 on 200 pieces of candy!

-The Mike Tyson house in Ohio, despite how decrepit its starting to look from the road and the state the yard is it. Can’t beat those big MIKE TYSON gates!

and lastly, getting an achievement on World of Warcraft after a lot of hard work and getting my Violet Proto Drake! Big nerdy moment!

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