Things I ♥ Thursday – 5-6-10

Weekly list! That, typical of me gets put off until the last possible minute.

-Sasha Tseng’s Toast Messenger – a design for a toaster that toasts the messages you write on your toast! It’s too bad it isn’t available to buy.

Hats of Meat!
“The World’s Number One Resource for Meat Hats and Meat Hat Culture” need I say more?

-This Big Daddy working costume this guy made, it’s unimaginably brilliant!

-Sleeping with the windows open during a thunderstorm, and if you know me, I’m always cold so that means it was warm enough to get the Chelsea stamp of approval.

-My new Ovation UAE20 Ukulele I got for a great deal and it came with it’s own tiny gig bag and it has really quirky tuning (standard ukulele tuning, but I think it’s bizarre). It’s perfect.

Low Rise by Peter Root – a precariously done, astounding mass of staples made into a city.

Jon Henrie and every minute I spend with him. I think we were made for each other (almost, I think someone forgot to leave half a dog-shaped space in him, but I can just give Bullet some extra love). Also love my new phone that he bought for me. I’d been stubbornly struggling with my old phone for two years – only holding a charge for 30 minutes, never working text and call only phone. But now I have the Verizon Droid and I can’t thank him enough for it. It’s the radio that I don’t have in my crap car, its a huge upgrade from my old phone, and I’m blown away by how much it can do.

-Old general store that sells penny candy, handmade Amish goods (everything from spices to jams, flour to cheese and so much more!) and probably 30+ varieties of novelty and vintage soda bottles. I think I spent well over $20 on sodas, and $2 on 200 pieces of candy!

-The Mike Tyson house in Ohio, despite how decrepit its starting to look from the road and the state the yard is it. Can’t beat those big MIKE TYSON gates!

and lastly, getting an achievement on World of Warcraft after a lot of hard work and getting my Violet Proto Drake! Big nerdy moment!


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My friend in Lady Gaga’s video!

My classmate/friend from high school band is in Lady Gaga’s video! Check it out, I’m so so so excited for her, she looks sexy, and it’s just incredible.

Check it out, at 1:43, 2:04 and a few others. Go Mandela!

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Things I ♥ Thursday 3-4


I’ve been sick pretty much since the last Thursday and have been sleeping it off =[. So here’s to a hopefully healthier next-Thursday, and surviving work till my next day off, next Thursday. Incredibly short list since I slept most of the week.

  • Nyquil/Dayquil
  • The prospect of kittens in my house soon! I hope my kitty has a healthy delivery!
  • My raspy voice due to being sick.
  • Lots and lots of stumble-upon
  • Sleep!

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Things I ♥ Thursday – 2/25

Cupcake!, originally uploaded by bunnyeatsbear – Me!

  • Finding out this amazing family that were regulars at my workplace moved to a town I was familiar with (El Paso!), even though I’ll miss seeing them come in and seeing artwork around the local shops here. P.S. Thank’s for inpiring me, art-wise!
  • My crazy antics this morning (I’m planning a small article on this later!)
  • Croissants filled with strawberry rhubarb jelly
  • Taking a picture for an article for later, and realizing the clock said 11:11 in the picture.
  • My pregnant cat slowly growing rounder, she’s very petite so its hardly noticeable, but cute!
  • Weekly, sometimes bi-weekly lunch at Panera with Jon.
  • Being so close to get my Tier 10 piece on WOW with my druid!
  • I ran into a regular customer of mine at Panera and she told me congratulations on the engagement, well, we’re not engaged, but it led to a great conversation that I loved. We talked about putting a tie on my dog and allowing him at the wedding, if its an outside wedding, and finding a crazy minister (I voted for my friend Karl or Jon’s buddy Kyle.
  • Cupcakes! There are NO cupcake places around here! And Jon brought home a box of cupcakes, including the one picture above. It was so big we cut it in half!
  • Looking for a motorcycle!
  • BLOG COMMENTS. I’m finally slowing lowering myself into the blog-sphere instead of lurking on it and I LOVE discovering new blogs, and getting new comments.
  • Realizations about myself
  • Kris Kuksi ‘s art, his sculptures are nearly indescribable, the attention to detail is amazing, its quite macabre but fascinating.
  • This image of Morgan Freeman’s chain of command, starting at the top with God from Bruce Almighty.
  • Alice in Wonderland and nearly everything associated with it!
  • Thoughts about getting a tea related tattoo!
  • Posting an old class picture, tagging everyone on facebook and the replies and re-visiting old friends that ensued

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The beginning towards the end

I peeked at my first post on here, and I say peeked because I know mostly what I wrote, I know I wrote it a little half-assed, and that it would embarass me to read it, and I’d try to delete it.

I believe I partially confused the radical self love month for a month of “resolutions”. No starbucks? Exercise more? Are these things I need to work on? Yes. Are they things that are going to help me on my self-love journey? Maybe, but a maybe that’s closer to a no. I have cut down my Starbucks spending, and its nice to have a little extra money, and my exercising’s improved a tiny bit, but neither of these really helped me love myself anymore. And really, I’m kind of wondering if I’m getting other things mixed up with self love. I know its something I need to work on, but every time I think about it, I think about rewarding myself (which I really don’t do a lot), or working on problems I have with myself – not accepting them, but CORRECTING them.

So going back to the question from Gala’s mini survey, what does Radical Self Love mean to me? I honestly think I may not be entirely sure. I’ve been scouring the web, saving sites and articles to help give me an answer and it’s been a lot harder than I thought. Am I looking for self love, or am I looking for happiness? Or more? It’s not that I’m unhappy, but rather I’m just, not un-happy. By the way, try saying happy a million times out loud, it almost sounds un-real!

Anyways, there’s some questions for myself to think about at work today. I am making a list in my book of progress I’ve made so far though, because I am making small progress in whatever it is I’m trying to achieve.

Also, here’s my breakfast, dried persimmon, sparkling apple cider, and oatmeal, ridiculous right? But it was great. I really do feel tons better when I eat breakfast! I wish I figured that out a long time ago.

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Tuesday Night Tunes

It’s a Tuesday night, not the middle of the week, and part of the beginning of the week that gets forgotten in the rush to get to the weekend. So here’s to not forgetting about your Tuesdays!
If anyone knows any blogs with cool Tuesday things, send them my way!
I had a link to a great blog with “Haikusday” but I lost it!

Oh, and this video is pretty visually appealing as well, watch it =]!

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Hanger Tea

Tea bags that look like little t-shirts on hangers!


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