About Me!

Behind The Mask – The Rise of the Tea Drinker

Dear Blogsphere,
I’d like to introduce you to – myself. I’m Chelsea, a creeping-up-on-23 year old very casual blogger. I’m ever so slowly working on a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, which I’d love to one day plan with a personal training certificate, or possibly work in a medical facility. But more importantly, I’m just trying to get through every day with my camera by my side and a cup of tea and a controller in hand. I have an out-of-this world boyfriend and a crazy blanket-carrying, pie-eating, unconditionally loving Weimeraner that is often the victim of my camera.

World of Warcraft is my game of choice, you can make as much fun of me as you want but I love it, maybe a little bit too much. Me and my lover have matching “/love” tattoos!
I’m also an avid outdoors(wo)man, camping, hiking, fishing, dirtbiking, gun shooting, snake-wrasslin, you name it. I grew up on a small horse farm in Ohio and I’m not afraid of dirt and poop, haha! I’m very far from being a redneck though, so no worries.
Despite my timid personality, I wrestled varsity on an “guys” team until this amazing girl Kim joined later on, making it a guys team with two girls. I love working out, lifting, and P90x!

On the other hand, at first glance you can probably guess my other more “feminine” and delicate interests..
Photography, which I tried pursuing in college but the wonderful college I transferred to decided not to accept my photography credits from my previous college, unless I took 2 years worth of THEIR pre-reqs (sculpture, a few design classes, etc). I decided many great photographers didn’t go to school for it, so neither do I. I’m now quietly pursing it on the side.
Simply being a girl.

Briefing on 28 Cups of Tea

28 Cups of  Tea started out as a blog based on my Radical Self Love  Journey, an idea suggested by Gala Darling during the month of February. I set a side some time every day during February to sit down with a cup of tea and reflect on things and I have since decided to keep this blog going as a personal blog, and to see where it goes!
Thanks for visiting!
-Love Chelsea

(P.S. The title is based off of Behind the Mask – The Rise of Leslie Vernon a great mockumentary! Check it out!


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