Day #3+4 – Already Pretty’s Summer Blackout

As you can see, I’m terrible at following rules, and terrible at doing things on time! I skipped day one, and now 3 and 4 are combined! On top of that, there is no photo for today!

Day 3

Already Pretty Blackout

Already Pretty Blackout

Dress – Forgot

Shoes – Not shown, Payless

I rushed to meet my friends in this outfit, and used the top of my car to take a quick self portrait, and snapped up a cheesy arms-length-in-the-car headshot which sadly was so dark it didn’t show my vibrant make-up.

Day 4

I wore blue jean shorts and an old “Muscle Connection Fitness Equipment” shirt to lounge around in. I did some minor yard work, went strawberry picking, and took a hike in! It was a pretty muddy outfit so I didn’t take a picture of my mismatched socks and dirty shirt today.

Might I also add, I am no longer mad at WordPress for now, I decided I can survive without my that I hardly use, flashing on the side. I found out WordPress only allows certain video hosting sites to be used on their blogs to protect the site and what-not, so for now I’m ok with it.


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