A small letter to Wordpress

Specifically, MY wordpress.

Dear WordPress,
I decided to use you after hearing great things about your layout options on Nubby Twiglet’s site, especially since your commenting style appealed to me a lot more than blogspots. However, I did not realize she meant wordpress as a host and not as a free site. Why do you not allow me to put my robo.to and other little images, videos and links along the side of you? Must I be restricted to your cool, but not-what-I-want “widgets”? I’m putting today’s outfit on hold and will combine it with tomorrows and sleep on it. I might have to leave you, WordPress, and go back to blogspot. My blog is still young, its not too late to mingle with other options.

With much frustrated love,


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One response to “A small letter to Wordpress

  1. liz

    perhaps this is fixable. in your dashboard do you have the ability to ‘edit’ your theme? i think with a little googling and some copy and pasting you should be able to modify your sidebar.php. My apologies if this is hogwash. i’ve gone self hosted and never been happier. totally do-able for $6 a month. i learned how one of my favorite blogs here: http://diydiva.net/2010/01/tech-diy-how-to-host-your-own-wordpress-site-with-go-daddy/

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