Vibram Five Fingers Shoes?!

A few weeks back my boyfriend saw one of his Army-mates doing his run in some ridiculous looking shoes that he claimed were amazing. We looked them up, The Vibram Five Fingers. Now, I’m not much of a runner, I’m not bad at it, but I like the idea of running considerably more than I like the running itself. I’m more of a weights person (not that you can tell from my scrawny self!) However, I read a lot of reviews on these ugly, yes, UGLY shoes and they stole my interest and have about won me over.

When I wear my Five Fingers outside, I feel the curvature of the grass-covered ground. I feel rocks under my heels and get a real sense of the varying textures beneath me.

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Being blessed with a large farm-sized yard, I spent most of my time barefoot growing up, but not so much anymore. With summer time struggling through the chilly Ohio weather, I’ve been venturing into the yard barefoot a tiny bit, hesitant of sharp rocks, bees and hidden piles of dog crap, but reveling in being barefoot in the warm weather. These shoes would allow be to be barefoot..all the time! It’s one of those things where I’m promising myself I’ll run all day long if I buy those. I’m heavily considering buying a pair..the only real thing holding me back is – I’ve been working hard on saving my hard earned money, do I want to buy some lovely Jeffery Campbell heels to flaunt out and about and feed my fashion side, or these toe-socks shoes that appeal to my outdoors, fitness loving side? I’m very much leaning towards the VFF’s..but will I be confident enough to wear them out in public parks and such? We’ll see what I end up with, hopefully in the next few weeks!



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5 responses to “Vibram Five Fingers Shoes?!

  1. I tried these and didn’t like them, but then again, I’m not a runner!

  2. Aw, did you end up buying them or just trying them on in the store? They seem kind of hard to get used to, especially since I personally hate toe socks! The reviews have me imagining happy, free, frolicking feet but I’d like to find some not so good reviews too.

  3. I have nothing bad to say about my VFFs. I plan on buying two more pairs- one to alternate with my current pair for running, and one for day-to-day wear (the Bilikas for running, the Performa Janes for day-to-day). I didn’t have a problem getting used to how they feel on my feet, the toe-segments didn’t bother me in the least. It did take me a month or so before I could run more than 3 miles in them, if only because I needed to train my feet and legs (particularly my calves) to be stronger so that I could run for long distances.

    Now, I am less prone to injury, am less sore after long runs, am a more efficient and faster runner. I wear them to the gym, and my balace is better when I’m lifting weights. I wear them hiking, and I slip less. My feet are stronger in yoga, my teachers compliment them on them all the time (the first time it happened: “my what strong feet you have,” the teacher got a very flat stare from me).

    In any event, I love them. I hate to wear supported shoes, and like you, I grew up refusing to wear shoes outside until the snow flew. If I have the chance, I will go shoeless now. I do know people who don’t like their VFFs, but they are generally people who don’t put the time in to train their feet. You need to put in effort for them to be amazing.

  4. Thank you very, very much for your reply!
    The other reason I’ve been a bit hesitant, is my boyfriend is military and runs a lot, where as I put my mile or two in and call it a day, so I feel like as a person that’s not a “real runner”, I shouldn’t be putting money into a pair of shoes that I’ve seen mainly reviewed on running sites. I think you’ve won me over though! The idea of toughening my feet again excites me, I hate having to step outside my door tentatively when I used to be able to charge outside with no problems.
    I’m willing to put in the effort for sure =]. I guess what I really need to do is take a day to drive up to try them on.

    Thanks for posting your review of them!! ❤

  5. Thank you for your interesting post. Today, I joined the wonderful world of five fingers. Hope to have good feedback in a month.

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