Things I ♥ Thursday – 2/25

Cupcake!, originally uploaded by bunnyeatsbear – Me!

  • Finding out this amazing family that were regulars at my workplace moved to a town I was familiar with (El Paso!), even though I’ll miss seeing them come in and seeing artwork around the local shops here. P.S. Thank’s for inpiring me, art-wise!
  • My crazy antics this morning (I’m planning a small article on this later!)
  • Croissants filled with strawberry rhubarb jelly
  • Taking a picture for an article for later, and realizing the clock said 11:11 in the picture.
  • My pregnant cat slowly growing rounder, she’s very petite so its hardly noticeable, but cute!
  • Weekly, sometimes bi-weekly lunch at Panera with Jon.
  • Being so close to get my Tier 10 piece on WOW with my druid!
  • I ran into a regular customer of mine at Panera and she told me congratulations on the engagement, well, we’re not engaged, but it led to a great conversation that I loved. We talked about putting a tie on my dog and allowing him at the wedding, if its an outside wedding, and finding a crazy minister (I voted for my friend Karl or Jon’s buddy Kyle.
  • Cupcakes! There are NO cupcake places around here! And Jon brought home a box of cupcakes, including the one picture above. It was so big we cut it in half!
  • Looking for a motorcycle!
  • BLOG COMMENTS. I’m finally slowing lowering myself into the blog-sphere instead of lurking on it and I LOVE discovering new blogs, and getting new comments.
  • Realizations about myself
  • Kris Kuksi ‘s art, his sculptures are nearly indescribable, the attention to detail is amazing, its quite macabre but fascinating.
  • This image of Morgan Freeman’s chain of command, starting at the top with God from Bruce Almighty.
  • Alice in Wonderland and nearly everything associated with it!
  • Thoughts about getting a tea related tattoo!
  • Posting an old class picture, tagging everyone on facebook and the replies and re-visiting old friends that ensued

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