For the Love of God, originally uploaded by saeedesign.

I’ve been AWFUL with this RSL, I’ve been slipping back already and having a hard time, mainly because my job put me on nights and I’m usually too tired in the morning to anything but sleep.

But today I’m toting along a nice hot thermos of tea to work and I’m going to try to make this a great night! I’d also love to get linked with some other RSL blogs, I know mine’s not super spectacular especially with my procrastinating but I’d love to support some other people and keep up with their blogs! Blogroll WILL be made!

Things I’m Grateful For Today

+Cookies for breakfast

+Hot Dog Shop and Cherry pop for a surprise lunch from Jon! (I love my food so much!)


+Being slow at work last night, doing a sloppy, bad job, but realizing its ok to have an off day sometimes.

+Compliments, and people think I’m awesome at things I don’t always notice.

+Brakes on my car, I usually hate my car, but right now it seems like a new car, my brakes don’t fight and drag when I use them, and its really a blessing to be able to stop my car without worry.


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  1. Jenni

    Hey thanks for commenting on my TiLT, I’m looking forward to seeing more of your RSL posts 🙂

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