79.365 – My Kind of High,taken and uploaded by nikilynn.
I’m heading off to bed after a bit of a long day, tomorrow will hopefully  be filled with updates, and links.
I locked myself out of the house early in the afternoon in 20 degree weather with over a foot of snow on the ground and a dying phone, and I’ll admit I nearly fell apart with frustration, but after a hectic day + work, all is better now.  Since my boyfriend, Jon, is currently out of town, I’ve set up my last.fm on the computer by the bed.  I like doing this every now and then to get some random music, and I’m deciding on what tag to use for the night, I’m either settling on ambient, soothing, or relax.  Simple tags, I know, but I’ve yet to be let down by the results I’ve received.
I need to find a layout that doesn’t get trampled on by my pictures too! Except I really like that little smoothie picture haha.
Good night, and best of dreams!
P.S. a song called “Strong” came up first, under the tag “soothing.”


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