Radical Self Love: Introduction!

Hello hello!

I procrastinated for a whole week out of this short month, but I really believe its not too late to make a change. So! Welcome to my Radical Self Love blog!

So the wonderful Gala Darling declared February the month of Radical Self Love, which she explains right here.

Self-love is so important, & our lives really are vastly improved if we can just manage to love ourselves more.
-Gala Darling

She posts “homework assignments” which you do or don’t have to follow, and adjust to your own needs, which can be found at her site via youtube videos. I’ll be hunting down a better layout for this blog, and hopefully my rusty writing skills will improve as well.
I’ll be advertising this on facebook for anyone that wants to follow up on it, or even better – start their own journey in Radical Self Love. It might sound cheesey to some of you (although  hope it won’t!) but I highly encourage anyone and everyone to participate. You don’t have to do it publicly and do it with yourself, or you can start a blog (wordpress and blogspot are really user friendly if you’re new to blogging).


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One response to “Radical Self Love: Introduction!

  1. destinee

    Yay for RsL!
    I have started my homework on my blog as well. 🙂

    Good luck on your lovejourney!

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