and let’s commence!

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I’ve been trying the past month or two to get my act together, work on self-improvement, positivity and changes, and it’s been extremely hard for me. I’ve been struggling financially (and I’m sure most of us feel this way right now), have been unhappy with multiple aspects of my job, issues with friends, lack of motivation, and fights to even get out of bed.

Radical Self Love Month is in a short month, so I can tackle things a little bit, and hopefully be able to continue progressing over the year a little at a time.

Also, behind the name of my blog!
28 Cups of Tea is for the 28 days in the month of Radical Self Love, February. Tea has numerous health benefits, and in general, I love it. I’m going to take the time to sit down with a cup of tea, and brood over myself, my goals, plans, the journey to achieve these, and just some personal time to love myself!

I’ve been composing a list in my head of things I plan on doing this month, goals, etc, but they’re always when I’m driving or at work so this list’ll probably have things added on.

My Plan

♥ Stop overeating!
I am very lucky to have a great metabolism, but weight isn’t the issue, I’m eating so much garbage and it can’t possibly be healthy for my body. Weighing in around 105, I eat more than any person I know. The other day I sat down and ate 4 loaded chilli dogs, a hamburger AND, greasy fair style fries, only to go home and eat gas station candy and cookies. Just call me Templeton. Well Templeton no more, I will cut down my eating and try to eat healthier for this month.

♥ Exercise more!
I had a great exercise routine going on last year, combining P90X with running and leg work at the gym. I am now the very proud owner of a Gold’s Home Gym to do my pull-ups for P90X and will do some sort of exercise every day, whether it be an hour of P90X, or a few push-ups.
♥ Cutting back on the Starbucks
I wasn’t a very big Starbucks person until I started working next door to it, and now I don’t want to think about how much money I dump in there, using it as an excuse for bad days, which is fine, except I try to make every day a bad day, deserving of the comfort of Starbucks.
Not only will I try to cut back on it, but maybe record the amount I’d spend in a notepad, and put it aside for something for myself that won’t be consumed and last longer.
I can be horrendous to be around in the morning, not because I need coffee, or anything particular, I just don’t like being woken up. Let me sleep forever and I’ll be fine. I don’t eat in the morning, I roll out of bed, whine, grouch about and roll into the car, into work where I shuffle around, bitter at the place that is not my bed.
Gala Darling, as well as multiple other bloggers (links if I find them again!) have written about how one should use their morning to dictate their day, and that means starting it off well. For the rest of the month, I’m going to start my morning the way I want my day to go. Expanding on this another time.
♥ Reconnect
It’s been at least 6 months now that I’ve been having dreams, nightmares and everything inbetween about reconnecting with a friend. They currently aren’t happening every night, but they were. We’d be best friends again, cry and hug each other (which I don’t see ever really happening), make up and catch up over everything. I still haven’t had the balls to contact this friend, and it’s time it happens. I’ve written the letter in my head a million times over, dreamt the reunion countless times and I’m terrified of it being sloppy when I finally do it, but it will be done. This also, isn’t the only person that I need to reconnect with.
♥ Feel Beautiful
Some of my closer friends may know I’ve been struggling with some difficult, absurd personal issues lately. I swear I’m not fishing for any sorts of compliments, as this doesn’t really have to do with how I look entirely, but I KNOW I’m beautiful and I should feel so, and I’m going to feel great about myself every day. Lately I’ve been turning to lipstick, and quirky jewelry.

It’s time to leave for work, but I promise updates and more things added to this list. Also, I plan on lots of inspiring images, quotes, and tips for YOU.


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