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Things I ♥ Thursday 6-10-10

“The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.” – Henry Miler

Perhaps one of the best Thursdays I’ve had in awhile!
A little background on the above picture I took before the list.. (or you can skip down!)
I grew up with two very different sides of the family – the reserved, germ and outdoors hating Korean side, and the hiking, fishing, roll in the dirt American side. Well, I was a reserved, quiet roll around in the dirt nerd. I’d spend hours hunched over dandelions, clovers, and grass whispering to them, noticing every little detail of the ground around me. I was embarrassingly dubbed “the crazy nature nut” by my sisters friends.

I went outside to photograph flowers today, (because I don’t like it and decided to go outside of my normal subjects) and found myself in awe at the details I’ve missed, so I spent today peering at curiosities on flower petals, varieties of spiders and so much more. I also caught that lucky shot of the seed flying off the dandelion.

The list

Strawberry picking – in which I also spent a long time squinting at the plants and berries as families passed me by quickly down the other aisles. Expect strawberry pictures and a review on the farm soon!

♥ Dreams about naming my daughter in my dreams Jack, after the Jack in Mass Effect 2, which I would never do haha.

♥ Realizing that my new kitten not only has thumbs, but also has a protruding RAPTOR CLAW between his regular toes and his “thumb”. He still needs a name, and hopefully one more creative than his big brother..who is dubbed Thumbz.

Anything tropical! I recently bought an Island Guava candle from Yankee Candle, and Sex on the Beach perfume from Demeter

Exploring Buhl Mansion Guesthouse and Spa – Some of the beds were so big they had a stepping stool with a few steps to climb on the bed!

Eat, Pray, Love – I’m 1/3 of the way through, and it was more than I imagined. I normally reach for sci fi, or art books but a friend recommended it and I’m enamored with every single word.


Don’t fear the free weights! by my favorite, Stumptuous. Old article, old favorite of mine, and even though I’ve now long agreed with the reasons, I still love it, it’s a good read.

and a small side note – I know this is my Things I Love Thursday list, but I noticed I write a lot cheerier, girly, and more upbeat than I really am, and now that I’m blogging more than I did before, I feel like somewhat of a stranger reading some of my posts. I can’t decide if it’s good or bad.

Has anyone felt “fake” or struggled finding their online voice when you first started up your blog?


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Day #3+4 – Already Pretty’s Summer Blackout

As you can see, I’m terrible at following rules, and terrible at doing things on time! I skipped day one, and now 3 and 4 are combined! On top of that, there is no photo for today!

Day 3

Already Pretty Blackout

Already Pretty Blackout

Dress – Forgot

Shoes – Not shown, Payless

I rushed to meet my friends in this outfit, and used the top of my car to take a quick self portrait, and snapped up a cheesy arms-length-in-the-car headshot which sadly was so dark it didn’t show my vibrant make-up.

Day 4

I wore blue jean shorts and an old “Muscle Connection Fitness Equipment” shirt to lounge around in. I did some minor yard work, went strawberry picking, and took a hike in! It was a pretty muddy outfit so I didn’t take a picture of my mismatched socks and dirty shirt today.

Might I also add, I am no longer mad at WordPress for now, I decided I can survive without my that I hardly use, flashing on the side. I found out WordPress only allows certain video hosting sites to be used on their blogs to protect the site and what-not, so for now I’m ok with it.

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A small letter to WordPress

Specifically, MY wordpress.

Dear WordPress,
I decided to use you after hearing great things about your layout options on Nubby Twiglet’s site, especially since your commenting style appealed to me a lot more than blogspots. However, I did not realize she meant wordpress as a host and not as a free site. Why do you not allow me to put my and other little images, videos and links along the side of you? Must I be restricted to your cool, but not-what-I-want “widgets”? I’m putting today’s outfit on hold and will combine it with tomorrows and sleep on it. I might have to leave you, WordPress, and go back to blogspot. My blog is still young, its not too late to mingle with other options.

With much frustrated love,

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Vibram Five Fingers Shoes?!

A few weeks back my boyfriend saw one of his Army-mates doing his run in some ridiculous looking shoes that he claimed were amazing. We looked them up, The Vibram Five Fingers. Now, I’m not much of a runner, I’m not bad at it, but I like the idea of running considerably more than I like the running itself. I’m more of a weights person (not that you can tell from my scrawny self!) However, I read a lot of reviews on these ugly, yes, UGLY shoes and they stole my interest and have about won me over.

When I wear my Five Fingers outside, I feel the curvature of the grass-covered ground. I feel rocks under my heels and get a real sense of the varying textures beneath me.

The Justin Owings Blog

Being blessed with a large farm-sized yard, I spent most of my time barefoot growing up, but not so much anymore. With summer time struggling through the chilly Ohio weather, I’ve been venturing into the yard barefoot a tiny bit, hesitant of sharp rocks, bees and hidden piles of dog crap, but reveling in being barefoot in the warm weather. These shoes would allow be to be barefoot..all the time! It’s one of those things where I’m promising myself I’ll run all day long if I buy those. I’m heavily considering buying a pair..the only real thing holding me back is – I’ve been working hard on saving my hard earned money, do I want to buy some lovely Jeffery Campbell heels to flaunt out and about and feed my fashion side, or these toe-socks shoes that appeal to my outdoors, fitness loving side? I’m very much leaning towards the VFF’s..but will I be confident enough to wear them out in public parks and such? We’ll see what I end up with, hopefully in the next few weeks!


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Day #2 – Already Pretty’s Summer Blackout

I’m sure you’re wondering where Day #1 is!
There is no Day #1, because I forgot to take pictures, and I spent most of my day in pajamas! So here’s my outfit (and finally pictures of myself).

I think a good 75% of my wardrobe is black band and graphic t-shirts, which I’m trying to stray away from. I legit have not bought much new clothes since, ever. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to fit into some clothes from…high school, and even worse…grade school. On top of that, I spend most of my time now in my work uniform then quickly shower and change into pajamas. So this is a nice little challenge to get me into not wearing all my black clothes and actually putting some thought into my clothes.

Day 2 - Summer Blackout
Day 2 - Summer Blackout
This is me attempting a Sal pose! I think it makes my knees and look a bit knobby, but no worries =]
Day 2 - Summer Blackout

Dress – Lapisgirl from TJ Maxx
Necklace – Whale pendant, gift from Alaska.
The dress is not my usual style but I found it while looking over TJ Maxx, and the little tag attached to it showed it having multiple uses. The strings at the bottom untie so it can be worn straight and not ruched, plus it can double as a ruched skirt, and a straight skirt, as well as a straight dress.


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To blog, or not to blog?

I’ve been struggling with this blog for awhile now, even when it started,I had no idea what direction it would take, or what kind of blog I wanted it to be, so in my frustration I’ve been writing scattered half-assed blog posts because I simply cannot decide how to set up this blog. With some upcoming events in my life I decided I should pick this blog back up, and by back up I mean really get it going – because it never really launched full force anyways.

I’m hoping in writing this I’ll maybe get some readers to help me out, or it’ll help organize my thoughts a little bit and make a decision! I guess there aren’t really reasons NOT to have a blog – but more like obstacles I’m having trouble with.


1. The big one is based off an article I read from the ProBlogger site, that was about having a succesful blog and finding your niche in the blogsphere. I don’t know what I want my blog to be about! There’s so many topics I want to cover, but according to the article, having a broad range of topics won’t attract a steady, specific crowd. For example, if I try to make this a video game blog, and a photography blog, the gamers might not be interested in the amount of photography related posts I make, and get disinterested in my blog as a whole, and vice versa.
Darren Rowse suggests making separate blogs for separate topics, but I have trouble managing one tiny blog, so handling more than one would be a disaster. Here’s the topics I’d like to feature in a blog..
Gaming (specifically..World of Warcraft, because yes, I’ll admit I’m a huge nerd)
Health/Beauty/Body Image
Personal blogging
I’d especially love to make this a personal blog and encompass all of the above. I’m a gaming nerd as much as I like make-up, as much as I like hiking and fitness. I don’t want to be put in a little blogging box and just be “that fashion blog” or “that gaming blog” but..
Problem #2 I know not every reader is like me and cares to read about a random person on the internet, and I have the feeling getting traffic for a personal blog would be rough. I don’t plan on making money from blogging at all, I just really enjoy connecting with people.

#3. Silly excuse, but I’ve been frustrated with my layout and it makes me not want to blog. I don’t plan on getting the full thing of WordPress, so I think my layout options are limited.

#4. Someone I used to look up began to make me feel like I wasn’t good enough, including my writing and thoughts. I’m not sure if it was intentional, but it happened and I’ve been having a very hard time gaining self-confidence and not re-thinking every, single word I type down, not thinking every thing I write is horribly unoriginal and not worth saying.

Reasons to Blog!

#1. Commenting on other blogs – having a blog for other people to get back to me (I love seeing comments on other blogs and finding new blogs!)

#2. A creative outlet for all the little ideas and pictures I have, and hopefully a way to get feedback on, and improving my writing.

My Reason To Blog list is considerably smaller than the other list..

I’m going to try to blog, even if I’m the only reader and see how it goes for now, I hope it goes well! (P.S. I hope this doesn’t make me seem like I’m desperate for readers, I’m not and I’m well aware that my blog is very obviously undeveloped and needs loads of work)

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